Art and Culture in Prison

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Un ebook scaricabile sul progetto europeo per attività culturali in carcere.

Un’iniziativa 2010-2012 realizzata dalla Fondazione Michelucci con Regione Toscana e alcune istituzioni di Berlino, Barcellona, Manchester e Belfast. In inglese con abstract in italiano.

EU program: Culture programme 2007-2013 – Education and Culture DG
– Regione Toscana
– Fondazione Giovanni Michelucci (project coordinator)
– Departament de Justicia – Generalitat de Catalunya
– The Manchester College
– Prison Arts Foundation
– Berliner Literarische Aktion e.V.
Associated partner:
Istituto Superiore di Studi Penitenziari – D.A.P. – Ministero della Giustizia (Italia)

Edited by Fondazione Giovanni Michelucci
Concept and editorial coordination: Corrado Marcetti and Saverio Migliori
ISBN 978-88-907780-0-1 (e-book edition)

Art and Culture in Prison was a project funded by the European Union through the Culture Programme. This publication is one of the main output of the project and shows how it was an opportunity of great value and importance for what concerned the exchange of experiences and information amongst people that work in prison.Artists and professionals took part to the international meetings, often discussing and retelling their work experiences and joining in the activities. Art and Culture in Prison brought forward those national characteristics that inevitably influence choices on what can be done in prison, on the limitations, solutions, interpretations of art and culture behind bars. Such traits benefited from comparison with other national backgrounds.The book is published in English with insertions in the Partners’ languages.

1. Art and Culture in Prison project
1.1 From the objectives to outcomes – Corrado Marcetti
1.2 Project partners – Institutional presentations
1.3 Arts and culture in the prison systems of Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and Catalonia – Massimo Urzi
1.4 Cultural and artistic activities in partner countries – Alan Clarke
2. Art and Culture experiences in EU countries
2.1 Theatre – Italy – Gianfranco Pedullà
2.2 Music e Dance – Northern Ireland – Mike Moloney and Ruth Cooper
2.3 Literature – Germany – Martin Jankowski, Sarah Grobelny and Rebecca Jany
2.4 Art and Craft – United Kingdom – Matthew Meadows
2.5 The management of cultural activities – Catalonia – Jaume Martin Barberan and Xavier Buscà
3. Contributions. Artists and experts – Cathy Moore, Alan Clarke, Itziar Añibarro, Helmut H. Koch and Alessandro Margara
4. Guidelines
5. Bibliography

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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